Repair Guides – Recapping Diagrams and Pinouts

I’ve created the following guides to help me while tackling a repair. Some of these are recapping guides, while others show the pinouts for a cable or connector.

These guides are provided free of charge, but strictly AS-IS! I cannot be held responsible if there is an error or a typo. You can find a list of these guides below. Please note that some guides are specific to a particular model or revisions. These guides may work with your particular model!

Repair Guides / Recapping Guides


Looking for Macintosh Recapping Guides?
My friend Bruce (from Branchus Creations) has excellent Macintosh recapping guides on his awesome website here. also has a great list of Macintosh and PowerBook systems also has a selection of Macintosh systems

These guides and resources are provided as a resource to vintage electronics enthusiasts only and are being provided strictly AS-IS. I can accept no responsibility of these guides or instructions being 100% accurate or free from errors. If you damage yourself, your device, or others, while following the information or instructions these guides I cannot be held responsible. These guides are not approved or endorsed by any manufacturer or company.