Macintosh Portable Non-Backlight Recapping Guide (Model M5120)

This guide wouldn’t be possible without the help of my friend Bruce of Branchus Creations. He has an excellent Recap-A-Mac website where he has loads of recapping guides for Macintosh computers, please check it out!
Looking for a guide on the Backlight version of the Macintosh Portable (model M5126)? If so, please view Bruce’s guide here.

This guide was started by Bruce and I helped fill in some of the missing values. I’m sharing this as a draft guide as Bruce has not added it to his site yet. However, the capacitor values accurate.

Replacement Capacitors:
100uf 25V radial (4 needed) [Part EEUFR1E101]
220uf 25V radial (1 needed) [Part EEUFR1E221]
1uf 50V radial (2 needed)
1uf 50V tantalum (2 needed) [Part T491C105K050AT]
470uf 25V axial (3 needed) [Part MAL213836471E3]
47uf 16v tantalum (9 needed) [Part T491D476K016AT]
10uf 16v tantalum (2 needed) [Part T491C106K016AT]

Note: The tantalum capacitors (47uf, 10uf, 1uf) are often placed in difficult to reach and cramped places with surrounding plastics! You should purchase small versions of these capacitors (such as 3mm in length) to make the installation easier for you. Do NOT attempt this repair as your first recapping job, it is a tough one!

Recapping Diagram:
Click on the image below for a larger version.

Macintosh Portable Non-Backlight Display M5120 Recapping Diagram (v1)