Vintage Apple & Macintosh Pricing Guide

As a long time collector of Apple and Macintosh hardware, software, and goodies, it pains me to see the horribly inflated prices of Apple equipment online. The insane asking prices you often see on eBay are often artificially inflated and driven by greedy individuals. It is my personal opinion (one that is I’m sure shared by most Apple collectors) that these folks are largely responsible for the silly fabricated asking prices for Apple items today.

The solution? A fair pricing guide – designed for the rest of us! This guide is a work in progress. You can view this pricing guide here.

Notes about this guide:
All prices are in US dollars. This guide does NOT cover new-in-box items, prototypes, or heavily modified / upgraded systems. Original prices, release dates, and discontinued dates are for quick reference only and may not be entirely accurate. Apple’s Performa and Workgroup Server machines were often re-titled or re-badged existing Macs with bundles of software or hardware. Generally speaking, these items will be listed under the original model, check the “Alternate Name” column.