FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Hello! Thanks for visiting my website, this page has some answers to some frequently asked questions. It also contains information on how to contact me via email. Please read the full page before trying to contact me.

What social media platforms are you on?

You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon.

How do I send you an email?

Please read this entire FAQ.

Why is your username sometimes Mac84tv and not Mac84?

Since the Macintosh debuted in 1984, the name Mac84 is sometimes taken. Also, sometimes Mac84 is too short of a name for handles and usernames. Therefore, where possible I use Mac84, where this is not possible, I used Mac84tv.

Can you fix or repair *insert item name* or Recap my Mac for me?

I’m sorry but at this time I cannot accept repair requests.

Can I donate *insert item name* to you?

My collection is quite full, however, please feel free to email me (or use this form) and we can discuss this further. Who knows, maybe it is something I can use or need a replacement of. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

How can I support your channel or tinkering?

Thanks for asking! One of the best ways is to support me on Patreon [link here]. My support tiers start at $1 USD and some tiers include special perks.

You can also make a one-time donation via PayPal. Thank you for your support!

How can I get one of those Mac84 buttons or stickers I saw?

Thanks for asking! Currently, the best way to get a button or sticker is to become a Patreon supporter. I also usually bring them to events. If you have any questions about obtaining a button otherwise, or want to request additional buttons, please email me.

Will you be appearing at any events or conventions?

All events I was scheduled to attend were postponed or canceled due to COVID-19. I do have tentative plans to attend events this year. Be sure to follow @Mac84tv on Instagram or Twitter for updates!

Can you help me troubleshoot my Mac?

No, sorry.

Unfortunately it is very, very difficult and time intensive to troubleshoot vintage computers over the internet. I simply don’t have the free time or energy to do it. There are fantastic websites and resources out there to help. Please try the TinkerDifferent.com forum and Facebook groups like Low End Mac for vintage Mac technical help.

Are you selling any vintage computers or Apple things?

My collection has a lot of half-working or non-working items. While I am currently not selling anything, if I do I will post about it on Twitter and Instagram.

How did you get into computers, or when did you start collecting Macs?

I was drawn to computers at an early age. I grew up with my family’s Macintosh IIcx computer and as the computer was upgraded or replaced I became more fascinated. I started collecting Macs as a way to fill the void of wanting some of the (then very expensive) machines I saw in magazines and ads when I was younger.

Most of my collection was acquired 15 to 20+ years ago, when nobody wanted to hang onto an old computer, let alone an Apple Computer. My how things have changed…

What is your favorite Apple or Macintosh product?

I love a lot of products, but if I broke it down by category, the following would be my favorites:

Apple series:
Apple IIgs
Apple IIc plus with matching 9″ CRT monitor (Have one for sale? I’m currently looking for one!)

68K Compact Mac:
Macintosh Color Classic

68K Portable:

PowerBook 540c

68k Desktop:
Quadra 840AV

PowerPC All-In-One Mac:
Macintosh G3 All-In-One (Have one for sale? I’m currently looking for one!)

PowerPC Laptop:
iBook G3 Clamshell – Key Lime Special Edition
PowerBook G4 12″

PowerPC Desktop:
G3: Power Macintosh G3 MiniTower
G4: Power Mac G3 (Mirror Drive Door)

iOS Device:
iPhone (original) and iPhone 4
iPad (original)

QuickTake cameras
Apple Blueberry 15″ LCD Studio Display
PowerBook Duo Dock II
PowerCD & matching AppleDesign Speakers
iPod Socks
Any green Apple product or accessory

Tips on sending me emails:

I have a full-time job and it may take me a while (maybe a few days or a few weeks or a decade) to respond to emails. Plus, I’m human, sometimes I forget. Please follow these guidelines below when sending me an email. If you do so, you’ll increase your chance of a response.

All spam, repetitive questions, and technical support requests will be ignored!

– Please do not send me technical support emails or messages. I get spammed with these on social media all the time and must ignore them.

While I may choose to reply to threads online, I am way too busy to try and play mindreader over the internet to solve your problem. There are fantastic websites and resources out there to help. Try the 68KMLA message board and Facebook groups like Low End Mac for vintage Mac technical help.

– Please try to compose your message so that it contains sentences and correct use of punctuation. This makes it much easier to read them. Messages which appear to be sent from a Nokia 3210 such as, “R U GONNA GIV3 ME ANY FR33 MACZ”, will be ignored.

Please do not send me hourly, daily, or weekly emails. Tinkering with these systems is done at my own pace as a hobby.

– My email address is as follows, please excuse the silly formatting to discourage bots from spamming me: mac84tv @ gmåil . cøm (You can also use the contact form here)

– Don’t send messages without a point or purpose.

– Please don’t send me the same message over and over again.