Fixing my Dad’s Sony 3D LCD TV, what’s gone wrong?

So… I’m trying to fix my Dad’s Sony 3D TV (KDL-50W800C) and I’m running into trouble! I figured it’s easier to share a post like this with images rather than upload photos to multiple places, etc.

A few weeks ago suddenly his TV started displaying vertical blooming bars of colors. He sent me a short video clip, here are the photos from that clip. The sound was playing perfectly and he could still make out the info banner (saying the input label etc) for a while. The lights would move and change, turning the set on and off didn’t help. Eventually the screen went dark and nothing would appear, but the sound still worked.

What I’ve tried…

So I carefully ordered a new T-CON and main board, checking the stickers carefully to ensure they were a perfect match. I tried the T-CON board this past weekend, but after installing it there was no change.

Currently the TV turns on, the backlights turn on, but the only sign of life is the sound on the screen, the backlight, and a dozen or so dots on the bottom corner of the display. It’s almost as if it’s a pressure point or dead pixels… but the TV wasn’t handled until I arrived to inspect it.

Today a new main board arrived and I followed the instructions to flash it, although the indicator light colors never turned to the colors the instructions stated (amber / green), it did seem to eventually successfully flash the board. Sadly, there’s no change in what’s going on, the screen is still black with the dots in the corner.

Any thoughts?

I wouldn’t have invested much into this, but it’s a 3D TV that he loves and I figured since they don’t make them anymore, it was worth a shot.

Has anyone here had any experience with these symptoms? I haven’t checked the power supply with my multimeter yet, but since the lights and set come on and stay on, I’d assume that wouldn’t be the issue.

Also, I would assume the panel isn’t bad but… maybe that’s a thing? It certainly seems like I guess that could be the issue… I just don’t know much about these things.



Article by Steven

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