Macintosh LC series (Quadra / Performa) Power Supply Recapping Guide (TDK, USA)

This guide will help you recap your Macintosh LC series power supply. This guide is for a TDK brand power supply from a Macintosh LC series sold in the USA. Similar power supplies are also present in the LC 475, Performa 400 series, Apple TV STB v3, and the Quadra 605 (aka “pizza box” Macs).

Important Note About Different Models:
Over the years these Macs shipped with different power supplies.
Please do NOT assume this guide will be a perfect match for yours. This guide covers the TDK model power supplies shown below, model 614-0003 and 699-0153. It is possible similar modeled units or different revisions may require different capacitors, so always check before ordering capacitors!
This other guide covers the ASTEC model AA16251 power supply.

Labels from two TDK power supplies from Macintosh “pizza box” systems

Recapping Diagram:
Click on the image to view the full-size JPEG, or click here to view a high-quality PDF printable version (6.2 MB)

Although you may not need to replace the 8.2uf / 50V capacitor, be sure to check the condition of all capacitors before servicing them. Checking the underside of the board can also help you know which may need replacing.

The fuse on the left is labeled: 250 V, 2 A (T2AH)

Download a high-quality PDF of this recapping guide (6.2MB PDF)