Apple IIgs Power Supply Recapping Guide (Dyna Comp LR62786 models)

This guide will help you recap your Apple IIgs power supply, including those nasty smelling safety (RIFA) capacitors.

Important Note:
A few different companies manufactured power supplies for the Apple IIgs computer. This guide only covers the Dyna Comp model LR62786 power supplies. Check the label on the bottom of your power supply to confirm which type you have. Power supplies made by different manufacturers have the same Apple part number, so do not rely on that part number.

If you don’t want to repair this power supply yourself, I can replace the capacitors on this power supply as part of the repair services I offer. However, if the transformer is bad, this is something I cannot currently fix.

Recapping Diagram:
Click on the image to view it full size, or view the high-quality printable PDF version here.

Apple IIgs Recapping Diagram

Capacitors List:
Please see the table below for a list of capacitors for this model. This information is also included in the high-quality printable PDF version of this guide here.

Caution: Part numbers for these capacitors are provided as a courtesy only. Some have suggested that low-ESR capacitors are required for switching power supplies, please keep this in mind when selecting replacement capacitors. Although I have taken care to produce this list, this information is provided strictly AS-IS. You are responsible for doing your own research to confirm that these match the parts you need. I cannot be held responsible for typos or potential damage. This information is subject to change without notice.

IDValueVoltageAmountHeight (mm)Width (mm)Pitch (mm)Manufacturer Part #Notes
14700pF / 4.7nFTwo10mm13mm~10mmPME271Y447MR30
20.22 uF / 220nFTwo11mm23mm~19mmPME271M622KR30
3100uF200 VTwo40mm13mm~7mm
41uF50 V*One8-10mm5mmSome revisions use 35 V.
51uF50 V*One8-10mm5mmSome revisions use 35 V.
610uF25 VOne10-11mm5mm
7470uF16 VOne20mm10mm~5mm
8330uF25 VOne20mm10mm~5mm
9330uF35 VTwo40mm12mm~5mm
101000uF10 VThree40mm12mm~5mm
1110uF25 VTwo10-11mm5mm

Download a high-quality PDF of this recapping guide (6MB PDF)

Are you new to recapping?

If so I highly suggest you watch some tutorial videos and practice, practice, practice! on old junk boards, or something you don’t care about (like a broken VCR, etc).

My friend Bruce has some excellent recapping and beginner soldering videos on his YouTube channel, as well as suggestions of beginner tools to purchase, check him out!

Update Nov, 4, 2020: Capacitors in the #11 spot were incorrectly reported as 100uf / 25v, the correct value is instead 10uf / 25v.