Macintosh PowerBook 160 LCD Display Recapping Guide

This guide will help you recap your Macintosh PowerBook 160 LCD Display. The passive-matrix grayscale display on these laptops can actually look quite nice when they are in good working order. However, due to leaking and failed capacitors these screens can look pretty nasty today. See the photo below showing a before and after look at this PowerBook LCD.

Note: This guide may also work for PowerBook 140, 145B, and 165 displays, although I cannot confirm this as I have not opened my models yet. My friend Eric confirmed his PowerBook 145 screen had the same capacitors that were listed in this guide. As always, your millage may vary!

Click here to watch a YouTube Live Stream of this repair being performed.

Recapping Diagram:
Click on the image to view it full size, or click here to view a high-quality PDF printable version.

Capacitors List:

Please see the table below for a list of capacitors for this model. The size details (in millimeters) below are for the original capacitor, this will help you find a replacement capacitor that should fit. These sizes are approximates and may not be exact.

  • 3.3uf @ 35V (Qty. 9) | Mfr. Part # T491B335M035AT | Mouser URL
  • 22uf @ 35V (Qty. 1) | Mfr. Part # T495D226K035ATE260 | Mouser URL
  • 100uf @ 6V (Qty. 1) | Mfr. Part # TPSW107K006R0100 | Mouser URL
    [Note: A 100uf @ 6.3V capacitor can be used instead. This is what I used and what I am linking to above. Also, due to component shortages, you can use the Mf. Part # listed above to potentially find these parts on other supplier websites, like Digikey, etc.]

Caution: This guide, including the capacitor parts listed, are provided strictly AS-IS. You are responsible for doing your own research to confirm these parts match what you need. I cannot be held responsible for typos or damage you make to your own machine. This information is subject to periodic changes and updates.

Download a high-quality PDF of this recapping diagram (878KB PDF)