Macintosh PowerBook 5300cs Color LCD Recapping Guide (Torisan Model Displays)

This guide will help you recap your Macintosh PowerBook 5300 / 5300cs series computer. The color LCD in these models were made by multiple manufacturers! This guide is for LCD displays made by Torisan.

I’ve found images online which appear to show that the LCD displays made by Sharp do not have any capacitors on the display board, but still likely have two on the inverter board.

Note: This guide was made from my own personal experiences. Other revisions may exist and similar models may use different capacitors. As always, your millage may vary so please do your own research before ordering parts!

Download a high-quality PDF printable version of this guide (1.1 MB)

PowerBook 5300cs Guide Page 1
PowerBook 5300cs Guide Page 2