HP Compaq Desktop dc5750 Motherboard Recapping Guide

This guide will help you recap your HP Compaq Desktop model dc5750 (or similar) motherboard. This model uses an AMD processor.

Please note: PCs often have a lot of variations and revisions. Even if your model matches mine, please be very careful to ensure that the capacitors are of the same value.

Recapping Diagram / Motherboard Diagram:
Here is a diagram I have made showing the capacitors on the motherboard. The sizes of the circles may not directly reflect the sizes of the capacitors.
You can download a high-res PDF of this guide here.

Capacitors List:
Please see the table below for a list of capacitors for this model. This information is also included in the high-quality printable PDF version of this guide here.

ColorNumber NeededValueRough Size (wide)ManufacturerMF Part #Mouser Part #
Purplex425v 10UF4.5 mmPanasonicEEA-GA1E100B667-EEA-GA1E100B
Yellowx716v 1000UF8.2 mmPanasonicEEU-FR1C102LB667-EEU-FR1C102LB
Redx116v 470UF8.2 mmPanasonicEEU-FR1C471667-EEU-FR1C471
Orangex216v 220UF6.5 mmPanasonicECA-1CM221I667-ECA-1CM221I
Pinkx616v 100UF5.8 mmKMETES5107M016AE1DA80-ES5107M016AE1DA
Silverx46.3v 1800UF7.9 mmPanasonicEEU-FS0J182L667-EEU-FS0J182L
Brownx36.3v 1500UF8.2 mmKMETEST158M6R3AG6AA80-EST158M6R3AG6AA
Greenx116.3v 820UF8 mmNichiconUPJ0J821MPD647-UPJ0J821MPD
Light bluex56.3v 470UF (green)6 mmNichiconUVZ0J471MED647-UVZ0J471MED
Dark bluex36.3v 330UF6.2 mmNichiconUVZ0J331MED647-UVZ0J331MED

Part numbers or links for these capacitors are provided as a courtesy only. Some have suggested that low-ESR capacitors are required for switching power supplies and similar components. Please keep this in mind when selecting replacement capacitors. Although I have taken care to produce this list, this information is provided strictly AS-IS. You are responsible for doing your own research to confirm that these match the parts you need. I cannot be held responsible for typos or potential damage. This information is subject to change without notice.