Macintosh Clones

The story of the Macintosh Clones has been something that has interested me for a long time. I started with the idea for this video in 2017, but as I learned more and more about these systems the script expanded.

As time when on, I’d acquire two new Mac Clones to my collection – further driving my interest to tell this story.

Part one in this video series covers unauthorized (and authorized) clone machines from 1985 through 1991. You can watch this video below:

Part 1 covers Mac Clones such as:
Unitron Mac, Colby System’s Lap-Mac, MacColby, Tempest, WalkMac, WalkMac SE & SE/30 (Colby SE and SE/30), the Outbound Laptop and Notebook, the Johnathan (by Akkord Technologies), the BlueMaq by Poweder Blue, the DynaMac, and more!

I’ll be adding to this page to add some details about this video, and some things that didn’t make it into this video series. So stay tuned to this page!

Part 1 corrections:
When speaking about the BlueMaq models (at 27:07), I incorrectly said a “6800 desktop”, I obviously meant to say “68000 desktop”, referring to the Motorola 68000 CPU common in Macs of the time.